Dear P450 researchers

We request all P450 researchers to make use of the website and email or upload the P450 sequences and P450 redox proteins generated by your laboratory enabling populating the P450 and P450 redox library for public use. Also, kindly email information on any aspects listed in the website per se P450 functions, P450 researchers and P450 legends so that we can populate the information for public use. Please note that this website will be continuously updated with the information as it is available.

If you use this website, please don’t forget to cite this web link in your publications.


  • Prof Khajamohiddin Syed (khajamohiddinsyed@gmail.com)
  • Dr Dominik Gront (dgront@gmail.com)
  • Prof David R Nelson (drnelson1@gmail.com)


Prof Khajamohiddin Syed (khajamohiddinsyed@gmail.com)